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The Right Hardware Can Make All The Difference

October 20, 2021

When you’re in the market for new windows and doors, you’re generally not thinking about all of the parts that make those products superior. You just want to know that you are getting a good product at a good price. Luckily, at Access Window and Door Design Centre, we do all the hard work to make sure that we are putting out a superior product that not only looks luxurious, but functions reliably for many decades to come.

One of the key things we take into consideration is the hardware we chose to go into our products. We didn’t make this decision lightly, and made sure to test a large variety of options available. We wanted to ensure that whatever we used with our product was superior to anything else on the market and that our clients can rest easy knowing that their windows and doors were over-engineered to ensure little to no room for error. When looking for the right hardware to use for our windows & doors, our decision was made based on the following 4 points:

1. Reliability
We searched for years to find a supplier that would not only provide us with a reliable product that we could trust to put in our windows and doors, but also be reliable in customer service. We needed a partner that would be available to us should we need a replacement part and provide us with quick service so we could in turn provide quick service back to our clients.
As we continue to innovate and bring better products to the market, having a hardware supplier with the resources in place to engineer new and improved hardware was also a critical point in our choice of hardware provider.

2. Quality
Our factory is set up with precise automated processes and systems. To ensure our products are consistent, we need to be able to rely on our supplier to provide us with consistent hardware down to a fraction of a millimetre. This ensures our manufacturing process can continue without delays and we feel confident that every single product that leaves our manufacturing plant is up to our very high standards. Also, knowing that our hardware is corrosion resistant and a material that can hold high weight capacities, gives us the most confidence in the longevity of our windows & doors.

3. Security
Strength in hardware is crucial for many aspects but very importantly, having the right hardware that would keep homes and buildings safe was a key determining factor in our choice. Above using outstandingly strong window & door hardware that can withstand an immense amount of pressure, our windows and doors also feature a minimum 6 locking points, or more with larger-sized openings. Superior hardware in conjunction with our RAU-FIPRO protrusions ensure that our windows and doors are nearly impenetrable by the average intruder and will take one less worry off your mind.

4. Adjustability
We know that there is inevitable shifting in any new home built in North America. Having adjustability in our hardware that allows for adaptation in 3 dimensions is a must to provide a perfect seal between the door/window and the sash – even long after your home has fully settled. If the hardware doesn’t provide ultimate adjustability, then regardless of how great we made our windows and doors and how great the rest of the components were, the seal would be lost and air and temperature penetration would occur.

We found that in our journey to find the right hardware, aesthetically pleasing products that were also durable were hard to find. We wanted to find something that would not only look great, and feel good but also last for decades. That’s when we found Roto Hardware and we haven’t been disappointed since.

We found them to be extremely organized with a portfolio that made sense with our products. They offered great support which meant we could continue to offer our customers great service and products. We found that Roto held their products to a higher standards, not unlike ourselves, they over-engineer their product to ensure longevity, which ensures our products can withstand anything mother nature can throw at them.

At Access Window and Door Design Centre, we believe that in order to build the best products, you have to use the best supplies and raw materials. Quality has always been the first priority for us and always will be. We understand that there are cheaper options out there that would allow us to make more money off of our products, but that’s not how we operate. We want to ensure our customers are getting the best product on the market, with the best hardware, that will last them for years. If you have any questions about our products or the hardware we use, please contact us, we’d love to chat!