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April 17, 2020

The future of fenestration materials is here.

There’s no secret as to the components that make our windows and doors superior, but we know that not everyone is aware, so we thought we would share why we chose to use the RAU-FIPRO profile core in our line of products.

RAU-FIPRO® is a proprietary fibre composite material made from Fibreglass and uPVC, that is known for its outstanding strength and load capacities. These materials have distinct advantages on their own – but together, they transform into a superior material, eliminating any of the negatives of either.

The profile core made from the high-tech material RAU-FIPRO® gives GENEO® window profile systems maximum stability.  This combination material offers 2x the strength of profiles made in either material, which reduces the need for metal reinforcements in standard size windows and allows for oversized options. The need for reduced metal reinforcements means windows are up to 40% lighter and easier to install. This means those expansive windows you’ve been dreaming of are possible without being broken up by supports.

Additionally, the RAU-FIPRO® system offers a 10% better thermal performance than its uPVC counterparts. These highly efficient windows and doors save money on monthly energy bills and do their part in supporting sustainable building techniques.

Windows made using this system can typically last longer than your standard options. Where traditional windows have corner joints that eventually fail and let in drafts and moisture, RAU-FIPRO® profile windows feature fusion-welded corners that prevent leakage and ensure a longer lasting product.

The design possibilities using this product are endless due to the diversity of this material. Custom designs are easily accommodated with the options for any colour or shape – something that is unattainable with fibreglass alone. We proudly design all of our windows and exterior doors with the RAU-FIPRO® profile. Contact us today to discuss your window dreams.