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REHAU Advantage

Access Window and Door Design Centre is proud to work alongside industry professionals who are as dedicated to innovation and quality as we are. That’s why we choose to provide our clients with customizable window profiles from REHAU.

Boasting a flexible design, modern technology, and thermal insulation, window profiles from REHAU are the superior choice for structural soundness, flexible design, and durability. We believe that a connection to nature can improve your quality of life, and the luxury of installing Tilt + Turn windows crafted with a REHAU profile far surpasses the typical qualities of windows currently available on the market today.


Why we choose the REHAU advantage

Window profiles from REHAU carry unique and valuable benefits. Its fully reinforced polymer window profile doesn’t rely on steel for its strength, instead  it is composed of the RAU-FIPRO fibre composite material (similar to those used in aeronautics construction) combining impeccable design with high-performance materials.

Whether you’re designing a high-end residential or commercial space, our unwavering commitment to energy efficiency and lasting window and door solutions can help you find comfort, effortlessly.

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