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Our Beginnings

In 2013, the Access Window and Door Design Centre (ACCESS) opened its doors as a distribution company for high-performance window and door products.

We believe that our customers deserve the same level of service as they would expect from our products – the best. Our products last a lifetime and so does our service. So, in 2014 we decided it was time to make a change and purchased the equipment to start designing our own products.

We chose Winkler Manitoba, and the Pembina Valley for our business location as this area has an extremely high percentage of trained or skilled labourers, and is an innovative business-minded landscape. Our production leadership has several decades of experience in building windows and doors, and does an excellent job training our staff.

We originally opened our doors with 5000 sq. ft as a distributor, and today we have two locations with just under 20,000 sq. ft (and room to expand up to 150,000 sq. ft) to design ACCESS products.

We started with designing and manufacturing windows and exterior doors, then with an increasing demand added interior doors.

Our Goal

When the founders of ACCESS first came to Canada from Germany, they were surprised to learn that even the most basic vehicles came equipped with power windows, yet people were still installing crank windows in their homes. Their ambition became to change the way people interact with windows and doors in their homes. It is ACCESS’s goal to create a shift in value; to create the same importance in the style, function and quality of their windows and doors as in a luxury automobile. 

Since then, Access Window and Door has designed and manufactured product that stands the test of time and is able to endure the harshest weather mother nature can bring. By selecting our windows and doors, you save money from the day they are installed until long after you have sold the house and moved on. We believe in the highest quality product always, and it is our aim to educate our customers on a superiority of our product.

Our Team

At ACCESS, we believe that if we want to build a great product, we have to have great people. We ensure our team is made up of well trained people who share our vision and passion for our product and customers. Sometimes this means the hiring process may be slow while we look for the right person, but in the end we find someone looking to be a part of a company with vision and drive to become the best.