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Designed your way

If you’re looking for unparalleled quality, our dedicated experts are here to add value to your interior and exterior spaces. Access Window and Door Design Centre products are manufactured and designed for high-end residential and commercial building projects and renovations and are trusted by architectural leaders for their elegant appearance and durable functionality. Designed for the eco-conscious home or building owner, our products create an energy efficient, visually appealing and welcoming space.

Browse our products and experience what superior quality feels like.


Access Windows

A Superior View

Windows are your view into the world. Whether you crave a panoramic view or desire a picture perfect glimpse of the outdoors, our window design will outlast and outperform traditional designs and profiles.

Access Window and Door experts utilize GENEO window profiles from REHAU. This innovative material is designed to improve the thermal insulation of your window, creating a functional, energy-efficient, and beautiful finish.


Access Blinds

Compliment your Interior space

Function and style should never have to compete. At Access Window and Door, drawing the blinds both keeps your home cool, and brings unique taste to any room.

We have utilized the latest technology to design our pleated blinds. Available in a variety of styles and colours, our window coverings exceed expectations and enhance the aesthetic of your home or office.


Access Exterior Doors

Your gateway to the world

Doors are often an overlooked decor feature that make all the difference in the appearance and functionality of your home. At Access Window and Door, we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality exterior doors.

Our timeless and versatile collection of exterior doors will seamlessly fit in with your new build or renovation; whether residential or commercial.


Access Interior Doors

Transform your home

Access Window and Door Design Centre in conjunction with Prüm pride European interior doors that will transform your home. Together, we are dedicated to delivering products, service, and design innovation that will enhance the beauty, and functionality of your home.

Our extensive line of interior door products include, single swing doors, double swing doors, bypass doors, barn doors and pocket doors.

Nothing compares to RAU-FIPRO

Fibre composites in our window and door profiles are specifically used as profile core and effortlessly ensure excellent stability and torsional rigidity. The fibre-infused core significantly lowers the expansion and contraction compared to those of standard uPVC.

Inherent qualities like these allow hassle-free colour applications in all climates.


uPVC Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient 0.080 mm/mK
RAU-FIPRO Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient 0.032 mm/mK

RAU-FIPRO expands/contracts 60% less than uPVC, allowing for hassle-free colour application

Hot Temperature Manitoba Summer +35 C (95 F)
Cold Temperature Manitoba Winter -35 C (-31 F)
Temperature Variation 70 C (126 F)
Expansion/Contraction of 3m uPVC 0.080 x 70 C x 3m = 16.8mm
Expansion/Contraction of 3m RAU-FIPRO 0.032 x 70 C x 3m = 6.72mm
Expansion/Contraction 60% less (RAU-FIPRO)


–Excellent stability and torsional rigidity
–Exceptional sash dimensions without compromising thermal, strength & sound performance
–Hardware fastening into fibre-reinforced uPVC walls to ensure equal pull-out retention to steel reinforcement
–Reduced need for steel reinforcement even in bigger units
–Easier handling and assembly
–Hassle-free colour applications

Together GENEO and RAU-FIPRO provide reduced expansion and contraction with enhanced structural rigidity while maintaining superior weld and bend abilities.


GENEO and RAU-FIPRO together with Access Window and Door is design at its best.

Moment of Inertia uPVC Sash 0.224 cm4
Moment of Inertia RAU-FIPRO Sash 0.73 cm4

RAU-FIPRO achieves 3x the structural strength of uPVC, allowing for larger unit sizes without the use of steel reinforcement.

uPVC Unit Size 32 x 71in (820 x 1800mm)
RAU-FIPRO Unit Size 47 x 71in (1200 x 1800mm)
Unit Size 32% bigger (RAU-FIPRO)
uPVC Unit Size 36 x 71in (920 x 1200mm)
RAU-FIPRO Unit Size 54 x 71in (1370x1200mm)
Unit Size 33% bigger (RAU-FIPRO)

Product Certifications

At Access Window and Door Design Centre, we have always set high standards for our products in terms of design, functionality and longevity. Access windows and doors are Passive House (PHIUS), NFRC, Energy Star Certified  and a member of Canada Green Building Council.