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Tilt and Turn

March 4, 2020

Window trends have always included energy efficiency, thermal breaks, expansive views and optional function and hardware.  In 2017/18, trends included European windows – namely the Tilt and Turn window. 

Tilt and turn windows can be opened fully like a casement window or they can be tilted from the bottom so that the top of the window is angled into the room, giving a smaller opening for ventilation.

Part of the allure is their versatility; presenting a 3-in-1 functioning window, energy efficiency, thermal and sound ratings, and security advantages.  While their price is above their less functional counterparts, trends continue to lean towards the tilt and turn’s smart design.

Smart Engineering

The Tilt & Turn window is effectively three windows in one: it serves as a fixed window, an in-swing casement window and a hopper window.  It’s multifunctional handle directs all movement. 

When the handle is in the downward position, the window is shut is and locked. A 90 degree rotation sideways allows you to unlock the horizontal open and closure on the window.

Unlike other in-swing windows, if you place the window back into place, and rotate the handle an additional 90 degrees, the window tilts inward, opening the top for ventilation. 

The intuitive design of these tilt and turn windows offers multifunction movement with a single set of hardware required; multi-orientation hinging, engagement and disengagement handles and a frame with the structural integrity to handle each pivot.

Safe & Secure

The tilt position aids in security while still enabling ventilation. The inward tilt allows the window to remain open with almost no ability for intruders to use it as an access point into the home.

Additionally, when the window is in its locked position, the multi-point locking mechanisms click into place (we use an 8 point secure lock hardware). This not only provided added security, but a completely air-tight weather seal. 

Energy Efficiency

Unlike single and double hung or sliding windows, the tilt and turn windows feature a  weather seal that is vastly superior, offering an increased energy efficiency, and further protection from the elements.  Access Windows also account for the harsh temperature variations of Central Canada’s interior; providing complete weather residence in the height of summers, and throughout the (long) cold winters. 

Acoustic Insulation

Beyond its energy efficiency, the tilt and turn’s capacity to seal includes a noise cancellation unmatched by typical casement windows.  With an STC rating up to 45, these windows are ideal for high traffic situations and multi-family dwellings.

With the advantages the tilt and turn window provides, we’re confident that trends will continue to lean their way.  Their efficiencies make them an elegant candidate for passive home construction, and bring beauty and strength to any property.

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