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Passive Home Windows

The REHAU Advantage

April 24, 2020

Access Window and Door Design Centre is proud to work alongside industry professionals who are as dedicated to innovation and quality as we are. That’s why we choose to provide our clients with customizable window profiles from REHAU.

Boasting a flexible design, modern technology, and thermal insulation, window profiles from REHAU are the superior choice for structural soundness, flexible design, and durability. We believe that a connection to nature can improve your quality of life, and the installing Tilt + Turn windows crafted with a REHAU profile far surpasses the typical qualities of windows currently available on the market today.

Why we choose Rehau’s rau-fipro

The unique infusion of fibreglass into Rehau’s uPVC creates the best of both mediums, delivering exceptional strength, longevity and comfort.  Whether you’re designing a high-end residential or commercial space, our unwavering commitment to energy efficiency and lasting window and door solutions can help you find comfort, effortlessly.

Window profiles from REHAU carry unique and valuable benefits.The fully reinforced polymer window profile doesn’t rely on steel for its strength, instead  it is composed of the RAU-FIPRO fibre composite material (similar to those used in aeronautics construction) combining impeccable design with high-performance materials.


Rau-Fipro is at the core of the Geneo® window system; bringing extraordinary strength and flexibility that allows for custom doors and windows with expanded viewing areas, and a structure that contributes to the integrity of the building. The combination creates a one-of-a-kind material with outstanding functionality and performance.

The profile and frame stability provides for windows and doors made without reinforcements – saving time and money and improving its ease of installation.  For larger size windows and doors, reinforcements can still be integrated, allowing for even more natural light and showcasing the beauty surrounding each home or commercial project.


Incorporating the best qualities of fibreglass and uPVC, Rau-Fipro’s fusion welded corner design ensures a long lasting window – exceeding 30 years!  Water tight and built to last, these qualities stand out, creating better windows with incredible thermal properties and noise cancellation qualities.


These energy efficient windows and doors will save you money on your monthly energy bills.  This aid in environmental sustainability makes our products certified for Passive House and Net-ZERO Construction; ensuring extremely low energy consumption.

With qualities like these, and with the reassurance that their focus on benefits is not at the cost of style, our Rau-Fipro windows and doors offer top of the line material with exceptional design.  Save time, money and energy both now and for years to come with windows and doors designed for life.