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How to Identify Windows & Doors Integrity

May 1, 2020

Access Windows + Doors Product Integrity

To build structures that are aesthetically pleasing with high performance, home builders are prioritizing windows and doors integrity. To achieve and exceed these high expectations, contractors are relying on quality engineering to meet the demands of homeowners. Access Windows and Doors is at the forefront of using cutting edge technology to deliver exemplary windows and doors with the highest integrity.

Why Access Windows and Doors?

High Performance Windows and Doors – Versatility and high performance are in our core product attributes. With windows and exterior doors that can do more than one function, you can increase the comfort of your living space. At Access Windows and Doors, we create products that are guaranteed to meet your style and functions. Our unique functionalities will effortlessly connect you with nature within or outside your room and still offer a tightly sealed fixed window when closed.

With Access Windows & Doors we ensure compressional seal technology to optimize air and water performance through extreme weather. From ventilation to cleaning, we make sure that you can access all our product’s unique features within the touch of a handle.

Maximum Space Utilization

Good product engineering should be able to solve challenges effortlessly while offering more than one option for solving those problems. Our Tilt+Turn windows are designed to blend in with your space and maximize the potentials of your room. With our Tilt and Turn, you are having two options to freely allow fresh air into your room.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Studies have shown that 88% of builders suggested tight building envelopes as one of the best ways to increase energy efficiency. Other than proper insulation, windows and doors contribute to the majority of heat loss in buildings. This is due to improper sealing caused by poor engineering. With Access Windows & Doors we ensure compressional seal technology to optimize air and water performance in extreme weather. Our window and door designs are aimed at achieving passive house objectives. Passive houses are structures intentionally built to be energy efficient by using casement windows and doors. Energy efficiency is one of the ways to determine windows and doors integrity.

Unique Engineering

One of the challenging aspects of fenestration is how to strategically design a corner window. This is a true test to the windows and doors integrity as every corner in a building requires a pillar. While it is possible to add a steel beam at the corner window, there is always a mismatch and lack of harmony on how these different elements blend.

Due to the incompatibility of materials, windows using both PVC as well as a steel on the corner do not seal well. Oftentimes, the finished work is not smooth and lacks the authenticity of using a single material.

We have a solution. Using our GENEO profile which is the first fully reinforced polymer window profile system, your corner window does not need to have a steel beam. The material is composed of RAU-FIPRO, a proprietary fiber composite with outstanding strength and load capacity. With the ability to withstand huge amounts of compression per Newton meter, RAU-FIPRO makes the best replacement of steel in Conor windows.

Durability of Windows and Doors

Considered to be the ultimate test of doors and windows integrity, your door should be able to withstand the test of time in extreme temperatures. Our products perform better for a longer period eliminating your maintenance and replacement expenses. Whether you are looking for replacement windows or windows and doors for your home, we are able to customize these products to your liking.

Sizing Windows and Doors

Our standard sizing is abnormal to market size windows. Our dimensions are commercially bigger and we offer them in different shapes depending on your needs. Besides bigger than normal sizing, we top it off by offering you the opportunity to customize.

Customization and big windows and doors give you the warm natural light your home deserves.


Every single project we work on is a puzzle with pieces that must be placed in the right place. For this reason, before we start any project, we will discuss with you the location where it will be built, wind direction and patterns, elevations and area moisture content. Our skills, knowledge and experience will be put to practice when designing your windows and doors.

Because we want to help you design and build your dream home, our goal is to help you make a statement using windows and doors. Let your home stand out using our innovative windows and doors.

How Access Windows and Doors Works

Customer-centric production

Just like we all have different tastes, preferences, and fashion, Access Windows and doors treat your project individually. Our team of dedicated men and women are ready to listen to your needs and craft a product that you will be proud of in days to come. 

Proper product testing 

Before we ship any product, we always make sure that the quality meets and or exceeds your expectations. We subject them through rigorous tests to check how they would perform under extreme conditions.

Material selection

At Access Windows and Doors, we are every selective with materials that we use. Because we value product integrity, we work with expert suppliers whose products are top ranking in windows and doors material.


Our engineering team knows no boundary when it comes to innovation. We like to push the limits with our work and produce products that will stand out in a noisy world.

Whether you are doing a facelift on your home or building a brand new home, we have a team of experts that are ready to sit with you and help you plan and strategize your windows and doors.

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