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European Designed Windows

March 14, 2020

Windows are one of the largest investments when it comes to your home or building. Investing in a product that will last for generations is the main goal of all new builds and renovations. European style Tilt and Turn windows are exactly that. They are designed to be more practical and more energy efficient than your standard window design.

Tilt and Turn windows may be a new concept for most North American homeowners as the design was made popular in Europe, but the trend is slowing showing up in the North American market.

The Tilt and Turn style of window explains how to operate it in the name. They are dual purpose windows with a tilt option that allows added security while providing the space with fresh air and the turn option which allows the window to open inward.


In the tilt position, the windows open approximately 10 degrees from the top allowing fresh air into the space while keeping children and pets safe.


In the turn position, the windows open inward up to 90 degrees making them incredibly easy to clean as you can do so from the comfort of your own home. This is especially beneficial for second floor rooms, apartment buildings or commercial spaces. This position also allows for an additional exit should an emergency occur as they open wide enough for a grown adult to pass through.

The European designed, Tilt and Turn windows offer a trendier look than your standard casement windows as they have less framing required. A large assortment of frame colour options are also available to match any home aesthetic.

Although the Tilt and Turn windows may carry a higher price tag than there North American counterparts, with the advanced technology used, superior materials and innovative design the cost is worth the investment.

If you are interested in how to add these windows into your home or office, contact us to set up an appointment and view our showroom.