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Elegant Design Painted with Strength & Durability

Access Window and Door Design Centre manufactures the highest quality window and door products using the best materials and equipment available. Access uses the GENEO Profile, which is the first fully reinforced polymer window profile system that doesn’t rely on steel for its strength. Composed of RAU-FIPRO™, this proprietary fibre composite material is similar to that used in aeronautic construction, and high performance racing vehicles for outstanding strength and load capacity. RAU-FIPRO™ uses both fibreglass and PVC, giving you the best of both worlds.

commercial building with access windows

Product Advantages

  • Excellent stability and torsional rigidity
  • Exceptional thermal strength and sound performance
  • Intelligent design reduces the need for steel reinforcement
  • Highly customizable
  • Innovation reduces expansion and contraction
  • Enhanced structural rigidity