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Quality in Every Detail

April 3, 2020

Window dressings can be a hard choice. You spent a lot of time picking out the perfect windows for your space and now you need to choose how to cover them up. With the extensive selection available in Access Window & Door’s pleated blind catalogue, you can find exactly what you need.

Pleated blinds offer multiple ‘moods’ with sheer or translucent banners stitched with solid fabrics.  Additionally, many of the pleated blind options feature fabrics that allow limited and specific light in. We offer a number of configurations so you can operate your blinds however you want. From the traditional top fixed, to free hanging, to duo blinds and everything in between. Our uniquely designed mounting options allow blinds to be used without inhibiting function or operation. Windows and doors can be opened and closed without blinds or cords getting in the way.

Created and designed in Germany (the centre of the textile industry) Access blinds limit sunlight in all the right ways. These modern window and door coverings are made with the most efficient, environmentally friendly production process, and are backed with the highest quality and innovation.

Our pleated blinds are customizable and are made with durable pleated fabric and are optimal for tilt + turn windows and doors, but can be configured to almost any window. We offer pleated blinds in every colour as well as some patterns to match any look and personality.

The benefits of our products are industry leading with heat protection, flame retardant and energy efficiency to name a few. These blinds also come in a number of filters that will help keep out or let in as much light as you desire. Starting with Transparent for minimal block out capacity, all the way to blackout to block out the light completely.

These blinds are optimal for both residential and commercial applications and can be full customized to any window, any shape, any colour. There is also the option for duo blinds which incorporate two different fabrics in one blind. Each of the fabrics can be independently adjusted, with the sections separated by a middle rail. These blinds offer the option to display a combination of both fabrics or have one fabric completely hidden away. A combination of one transparent and one black out fabric allows for optimal control over the light. These blinds are optimal for bedrooms, or offices.

Our team would love to sit down with you and help you pick the perfect blinds for your home or office space. Give use a call to set up your consultation.